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Safety Culture

Our 2 step safety training program, consisting of both an online platform and a hands on in-person training session with field supervisors begins at the top which is promoted and supported by the Owner / President, Janet Andrews and Vice President, Neil Treffers to include all other upper management, safety coordinators, field supervisors, lead techs, techs, and rookies and begins on the first day of employment. We believe current training in most establishments, to include ours, is formatted to meet the required standards, however our customized and industry specific observation program has become a staple point in our checks and balance process to sustain a means of continual improvements in our safety and culture.

Preventative Measures

Our work site observation audits & traffic control evaluations help produce and identify leading and lagging indicators throughout the company. All data is uploaded and distributed in real time! The information is also compiled on a weekly and monthly basis. Having this ability to review this report allows us to follow the trends and quickly mitigate necessary areas on a constant regular basis, develop corrective practices, and improve not only the quality of the safety atmosphere of our employees, but for our customers and the public as well. We as a company take our safety seriously. We strive from the first day of employment to cultivate a strong safety culture so that every worker is able to go home at the end of each shift as safe and healthy as when they arrived.